No Format Box

File/export doesn´t give me the option to determine the file format. It is set to pdf and cannot change it to dwg, for example. There is also no arrow that leads to a hidden menu…

Click on the down-pointing arrow to the right of the Where text field.

Thanks. Tried that, but doing that unhides the finder file structure, but doesn´t show the format options.
I think there should be an arrow next to the Save As text field.

Hmmmm… It does for me on my Mac.

Yes. That’s where it is on mine.

I´m on the Mac too. It did for me too untill I upgraded to macOS Mojave, I suspect…

The arrow that is missing, on my Mac is this-one:


Did you install the latest version of SU2018 which was updated for Mojave?

I see that. The arrow is there for me but my MacBook Pro is too old to go to Mojave.

Thanks Dave. I did indeed check already if I was running the latest version of SU and I do: Version 18.0.16976.

The latest release is 18.1.1180 from November 12, 2018.

I let SU check for updates and it said that I was running the latest version.
But I´m downloading the latest version now. I will let you know if that helps.

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I think you nailed it! I will let you know. Thanks Dave.

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And there it is. Problem solved!:

Sketchup failed telling me that I was currently running the latest version, but anyway, this is what I call TECH SUPPORT. Fast & Good. Many thanks Dave!

Happy that helped.

I think they did a “soft release” of 18.1 for Mac/Mojave so you wouldn’t get the notification that there’s a new version. I bet if you hadn’t upgraded today, you would get a notification in a couple of days.

By the way, you might want to update your profile to include the Mac OS version. It turned out that the version was the key. :wink:

Happy I was able to help.

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Glad this worked out in the end. For all who read this topic: this is a perfect example of how a few seconds of laziness when a user sets up an account can produce many minutes of confusion when we try to help. Please do yourself and us a favor by bothering to keep your profile complete and up to date!