Export 2d graphic with metadata to make clickable web page

What I want to do is take my 3d model of a landscape, export to 2d (make an image from it), then put that image on a website where you can click on various parts of the landscape and something would happen (like being taken to another page, or a tooltip).

Technically, in the html page, it’s very easy - either with an all-javascript solution, or an html image-map (remember those?) or something like that. However I don’t want to have to redo the list of what area in the image corresponds to what action to be taken, so my issue is with exporting appropriate metadata from Sketchup. What I’m looking for is a way, when exporting to 2d, to make a second file that maps for example a property or group name or whatever of the 3d model to each rectangle or pixel in the exported image. I realize that there are some things like objects being behind each other that could make it ambiguous, but a simple solution like using the object or face with the lowest z-depth would be fine.

Is there anything like that out there? Googling and searching the plugin repo haven’t yielded. anything.

just a thought…

export a second 2d image using ‘Color by Layers’ having assigned a different Layer [and it’s Color] to each item of interest…

Use the layer colours in your javascript to define the click regions but show full color version to the user…



Most excellent, works like a charm. Thank you!