Export 2D graphic portrait size deforms clouds in the sky

for presentations I use a style in wich a photograph of clouds is used as the sky. when I want to export 2D images from the model in portrait size the photograph of the sky is deformed as squeezed into the narrow portrait size. how can i prevent that the sky image deforms?

How are you inserting the photograph? Could you share the SKP file with the sky? it doesn’t need to have the model if you don’t want to share that. Also attach the image file separately, please.

hello Dave, my file is too big to attach , can i send i to you by wetransfer? what is your email address? thank you! anita

I sent you a PM with my e-mail address.

The reason the sky images gets deformed is because you are using it as a watermark image and you have it set to Stretch in the Watermark settings. This means that as you change the aspect ratio of the image, the watermark image is going to be adjusted in width to cover the width of the image. If you want a vertical image of your model either export at the full width and crop or set the Watermark to Positioned and make the scale as large as possible.

Personally, I would just leave the window the full width and crop the image after export.

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