Explode a group -> existing tag gets applied to everything that was in the group

When I explode a group or solid group, whatever tag was applied to that group, becomes applied to every raw geometry that was a part of that group.

Since all raw geometries (or whatever you call them) are always supposed to be Untagged, I would think any tags would disappear, so that all raw geometries will remain Untagged. It seems backwards that the default is for all the raw geometries to get the tag.

Yes, Dave, you can quickly and easily make them all Untagged. :laughing: The point of this post is simply to share my perspective since it seems like SketchUp is working against itself here.

Indeed this longstanding behavior is the source of trouble. Many SketchUp users would prefer that this behavior was changed.


That’s normal behavior.

If exploding to raw geometry the nest step should be to remove the tag in Entity Info.

It has it’s benefits when exploding nested components or groups.

Exploding the parent level above nested components?

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