When exploding groups/components, the lines and faces adopt the parent layer/tag

I could be mis-remembering, but I don’t think previous versions of sketchup used to do this, but when I explode groups or components the lines and faces adopt the parent tag.

As I model using the untagged for all loose geometry, and only apply tags to the groups/components, this setting conflicts with this logic, in so much as sometimes I use a group from another tag to start something new, and when I explode it to begin, I have to be careful to reassign the exploded data back to untagged or the data ends up on a tag that is different to the new parent tag, and this can cause problems with scene management later what with un-expected lines and faces being on tags within groups on other tags…

I was just wondering if this has always been the case! And if not, when and why was it introduced, and is there a setting anywhere, or a plugin that would let the user decide what to happen to lines and faces when exploded from a group that is on a parent tag – back to layer 0 or now called untagged…

It’s not the end of the world, and I am sure there are benefits for it doing what it does to instead of what I want it to do !

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Tricky tricky … didn’t notice until you mentioned it (o.0) thanks for the heads up!

Has always been that way.


same with materials, since we’re at it.

make a cube, group it, paint it blue, the cube is blue, but the faces are still neutral.
now explode the group, the faces are now blue.

exploding a group or component will (and always has) transfer properties to the elements inside if it can (if they don’t already have their own properties)

yeah, the way I see it, it allows you to maintain a certain model / scene integrity even if you (accidentaly) explode a group. the content will try to behave as the former group

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You can use “TIG LayerWatcher” to explode to untagged or move geometry to untagged

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Thank you for all the replies, this last one looks like it could be what I am after, in particular the context menu “Explode-To-Layer0”. If I can replace my normal keyboard shortcut for explode to this, I think it will solve my dilemma without too much affect.

Many thanks for a solution numerobis, and to TIG :slight_smile:

After exploding, the entities remains selected, so even without using an extension, you can easily assign “Untagged” using the Entity info tray.

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