TAGS: Auto naming for existing named group!

To all,

When you group a set of entities & then give it a name in the TAG TRAY & then revisit that TAGGED group for editing & add additional items. Would it be beneficial for those additional items to assume that TAGGED name, rather than naming all the additional items again to that same group name ?

I thought it did this automatically, but not on my latest version of SU-Pro.

I’m not following what you are asking. An object (group or component) can have a name and you can give a tag to the object. The object will not automatically get a tag based on the name you give the object, though.

If you explode an object that has been given a tag, the contents of the former object will be give the former object’s tag. Of course if this is raw geometry, the immediate next step after exploding would be to remove the tag from the geometry and return it to Untagged.

Hi DaveR,

I may have assumed incorrectly on this one, as when I click on a named group for editing & click on any one item within that open group, the ENTITY INFO TRAY states its UNTAGGED.

That appears to be the norm I guess until that group has been closed.

If you are looking at a bottom level object (group or component), the contents, which would be raw geometry should be untagged. ALL edges and faces should be untagged. If you have a nested object; one containing other objects, those objects might be untagged or they might have tags. That’s up to you. They won’t automatically get those tags, though.

In the case of nested objects you might give the top level object one tag and the objects inside it other tags. Maybe you have a group for the first floor walls, and then you have doors and windows. The walls could have a tag, the doors, another tag, and the windows a third tag. Then you could select all of those objects and make a group which you give a “first floor” tag.

Since the addition of tag folders, you could skip the nesting, though, and create a First Floor folder that contains the wall, doors, and windows tags.

If you tag the raw geometry you create more work for yourself than you need to and you open yourself up for creating errors and a general nighmare in model management. There’s no reason to tag the geometry and it makes your workflow much easier and cleaner. This isn’t anything new. It’s the same workflow as with the older versions that call them layers instead of tags.

Hi DaveR,

Thanks for clarifying & agree, theres no real need that I can see for naming UNTAGGED raw geometry within an existing group. The TAG FOLDER option is really useful, as all my imported DWG CAD files, that have way too many layers (TAGS), can now go in one named TAGGED folder.

FWIW, the first thing I do after imported .dwg or .dxf files is run TIG’s Default Tag Geometry to untag and tagged geometry. That geometry is rarely actually used for anything more than reference (per the usual wisdom) but after correcting the tagging, unneeded tags can be purged from the list.