Exploded geometry

Standard practice in SU is to keep all raw geometry Untagged and to apply other tags to Groups and Components. It’s really easy to keep to this practice by never moving the pencil icon from Untagged. In a recent version, the pencil icon was moved off to the right hand side of the tags dialog box, maybe to make it that little bit harder to find and mess with.

But we still have the situation where the raw geometry in any Group or Component that is exploded takes on the tagging of its previous container. That now seems illogical. Wouldn’t it be better to have one of these outcomes:

  1. Any exploded geometry automatically becomes Untagged; or,

  2. Any explode command gives rise to a pop-up box giving the option to untag raw geometry or to retain the container tagging (as it does now)?

Better still, perhaps there should be a toggle in Preferences that allows you to choose between these two options (just like you now have an option in Layout Preferences to allow you to open viewports). You might also have a Preference option for showing the pencil icon in the Tags dialog box since experienced users might think it pointless and prefer not to show it.