'Expert Dimension Settings' acting differently in code and manual

I created one model and I gave basic linear dimension for my model after that I gave Expert dimension settings,followed steps are given below
Selected particular model -> Window -> Model Info -> Dimensions -> Expert Dimension Settings -> Checked -> Hide When foreshortened(checked)
This settings will show near or visible dimensions depends on camera view ,it is working properly.
This same thing i done once again, instead of giving manual dimensions i used code to give my model dimension .Code given below
this code is also working fine,it is showing visible or near dimensions but it is also showing hided dimensions with doted line. my model view given below

for manual dimensions it is working without dotted line if i use code to give dimension it is coming with doted line.I want my model without this doted lines or same as manual dimension view
How can I solve this problem?

@ChrisFullmer - have we had similar reports like this?

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Very interesting, we did find another similar bug related to the highlighting of non-associated dimensions. That also does not work correctly on ruby created dimensions. We had that bug filed, and I have also filed a bug for this and linked them together so when we fix one, we’ll remember to look into the other.


Hi @ChrisFullmer @tt_su ,
Thank you for your reply,this is the one of the main part of my current task,without solving this issue i can’t move forward,Can u suggest me one better option to solve this issue or report this issue?

Is there an option to highlight non-associated dimensions inside of LayOut as well? If not there needs to be :slight_smile:

You mean selecting?


My wish is that there would be a visual que that a dimension is associated with paper space as opposed to model space (like when dimension become unlinked to the model it turns red).

As LayOut does not have a “live” API for development, this is likely not a developer request.

Suggest creating a separate request thread in the LayOut Feature Request category.

(Sounds useful, IMO, and there should be a toggle switch for features like this.)

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