Hey everyone. I’m sure this would help a number of people to get some ideas. Wondering from the designers out there, how do you show your existing and proposed, demolished conditions? I’m following the Mike Brightman methods and am currently tweaking how to present it. It would be great to see some plan examples and even some workflows on how you show your own E.P.D. or (demolition) plans.

In our parts it is a sort of standard to show existing walls with a thick outline and/or a black or grey fill, demolished as wireframe with dotted lines and new with medium outlines and a fill with material hatches.


These look great!

One thing I’m learning is how different areas around the world really show their demo plans in a totally different way ha. There are a lot of architectural standards that translate universally, but demo plans from what I’ve seen don’t seem universal at all lol, every area seems to do their own thing when it comes to that.

Thanks for sharing!

i usually create a template in SU of the existing. then for the demolition, usually a page showing what is to be removed along with notes. then a preparation page, showing what is going to be done to prepare for the new work - this may be on the demo page is it’s a smaller project, and then the new structure-to-be page - so i’ll mask out sections of the existing and overly a drawing up what is to be. so 2-3 pages depending on the size of the project, but it keeps it clean so the demo/prep folks can get their marching orders, and the builders theirs. from there its onto the plan views, sections, elevations, details, schedules, etc etc

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I keep the existing plan (or in the case of SketchUp: model) intact. I often provide a plan of the existing building with plan sets. It is as simple as possible with a basic dimensions and designations. I show demolition over the plan with symbols and notes.
I’ll put a faded plan of the existing walls and openings layered under the wall lines of the remodel floor plan. In the remodel floor plan all the walls, new and existing are in bold outline. I hatch the wall in areas where walls are new or openings are filled in.
Sometimes I find it useful to emphasize removed elements with darker short dashed line work, especially some primary structural elements. But usually I don’t like to clutter the remodel plan, with the existing demolition plan, one page back, being sufficient.

So pretty much like Anssi, except I use a grayed line for existing.

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What I showed is the style used here in planning application drawings where everything is shown in a single plan. The contractor gets a separate demolition plan and remodel plan much like @pbacot says.

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