Existing, Demolition, and New Construction

I’ll be adding a second floor to an existing bungalow. Anyone care to share their favourite method of managing/presenting existing, demolition, and new construction states?



Basically, you need a strategy to organise the visibilty of the different elements in your model,

Checkout @mbrightman Condoc system:

Mike Brightman has a number of video tutorials on Youtube which could give you a idea of how the system works.

You could implement a basic tagging (layering) and template system of your own without getting the Condoc plugin.

I use tags/layers to distinguish and find it best to have four, namely:

  • Existing
  • Retained
  • Demolished
  • New
    For presentation purposes, it means I can show one drawing with just existing construction, another showing retained and demolished, and a third showing retained and new.

Wow. This is powerful. Thank you.

This looks like it would save a TON of time. Thank you.


Thanks for this. Care to share a couple images of projects you’ve worked on involving this type of thing? I’m really curious to see what’s possible.



That would mean trawling through my projects to find one that showed it all. Might take a while. It would be best if you got hold of Michael Brightman’s book Sketchup Workflow for Architecture as he demonstrates the process very well. It’s almost required reading in my opinion.