Existing file versions won't open in SketchUp 2020

I’m experiencing a strange anomaly opening previous files in the latest SketchUp version. From a template, I’m unable to open previous models using the file / open command from the top menu bar. The template remains blank. However navigating to the file via Finder, I can open it with a double click.
This is not something I’ve encountered with any previous SketchUp versions and would be grateful if someone can shed some light on what might be going on here and how I may rectify this.
Thank you.

from a template, File >> Import: will impose the template styles onto the imported geometry…

if this is failing, are you ‘placing’ the geometry after the import?

File >> Open Recent… >> select from list: will open a model with it’s existing styles as a separate document…


Your profile says you’re using SketchUp 2018 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.1. As the title is about 2020, have you upgraded your operating system too by any chance? I was just wondering if this was a Catalina issue.

Does it open in SketchUp 2020 or an older version?

Thanks for your reply McGordon. My profile is a bit out of date as I’m not a regular contributor here. I’ve updated my profile to 2020, but I’m still using High Sierra updated to 10.13.6
Perhaps the issues I’m having are OS version related? However after rebooting I now find the files I couldn’t open from the file / open menu now do open. It’s been a bit hit and miss of late, some files open, some don’t.

When you try and Open one and it doesn’t work, look at the bottom of the Window menu. Is the file there?

Do you have more than one monitor?

One particular file that refused to open previously, now does open after a reboot. However from memory when it wouldn’t open I do recall seeing the model preview. I’d hit the open button and simply nothing would happen. I’ve just tried opening a number of different files from my library and all seem to be opening without problem now. I guess the old ‘have you tried restarting’ has done the trick, but strange and annoying glitch.

Yes, I do run two monitors.

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