EWH Developer Scrambling / Signing options - ONLY SU2016+ (rbe)

Currently, the Sign Extension utility gives ONLY the option to sign an extension with

  • No encryption
  • RBE scrambling (so SU versions >= 2016)

The RBS scrambling has disappeared.

I think the problem was signaled by Medeek 2 weeks ago, and it is still not corrected.

This is simply UNACCEPTABLE that such a change is done

  • without informing developers
  • without even asking for their opinion
  • without evaluating the consequences for extension users.

RBS+RBE was really useful to target all versions of Sketchup with a single RBZ.

Even if RBS is not robust, most users would not try to crack the files, especially when the extension is free. So we are sure our code is not altered and protected.

Call to @psaal, @thomthom, @ChrisFullmer for a minimum of explanation on this issue.

Until it is fixed, I am afraid I won’t be able to make maintenance release of my plugins and publish new ones (which I was trying to do).



I agree. I’ve since switched my latest releases to .rbe encryption but it would have been nice to have an advanced warning.

I agree too.
RBS for all its faults was a useful way to obfuscate your code, preventing casual prying whilst knowing it was hackable…
Many of my tools are in RB anyway, but some are encrypted - e.g. SketchUcation’s toolset
Limiting us to RBE stops pre v2016 users access.
I know we’d all like users to upgrade, but there is the real world.
Changing an encrypted RBZ’s files to RBE means that when a user installs over an earlier version it’ll get very messy - there will be old RBS and new RBE together in the subfolder.
Older SketchUp users will think they’ve installed a newer version and they will have not, since the RBE will be ignored - perhaps authors will add code to the loader RB to spot SketchUp versions and ‘revert’ to the RBS version, and delete the unworkable RBE files - and warn the user on first use of the mess !
Newer SketchUp users will have both types, and to tidy up the authors now need to include additional code to delete the superseded RBS versions.

It is quite shocking that extension-authors were not consulted about this sudden change - it was never even mooted at the autumn DevCamp…

We’ve all got enough to contend with in the year 2020 without SketchUp’s guys fixing things that were not broken !

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The old scrambling was broken and and only offered protection for the most casual IP theft. It probably made sense to remove it. However, the change could have been communicated in advance.

I’m also a bit surprised people still make extensions for pre SU 2016. I normally go back to 2017 when HtmlDialog was added, as it is so much easier to develop and test than the dreaded WebDialog, and as it’s the last free version.


Thom has seen this, but isn’t the right person to comment. He has alerted the other two, but at the moment they seem to be offline.

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I release my new plugins for SU2017 onward. But I keep LibFredo6 compatible with all SU versions, as it is also used for my old plugins (so RBS + RBE).

If the Sketchup team wants to ban the release of extensions for Sketchup version prior to SU2016, so be it. But at least it would be natural that they advise developers.


Pre 2016 extensions aren’t banned. You can probably find the standalone scramble program somewhere, build your own scrambling pipeline, or share the code freely.

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The way Trimble /Su communicates is a bad sign! :frowning:

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Are you suggesting a Solution for closing the issue ??

I need RBE + RBS with signature to be re-established. Or a clear notice from Trimble that they do not support pre-2016 release so that developers can get organized.

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Trimble supports two major versions back if I’m not mistaken.

Just because Trimble has chosen a ‘2-versions-back’ support system [plus v2017-Make ATM], it doesn’t mean that developers can’t support earlier versions - unless of course they are forced to do so by Trimble’s withdrawal of support for earlier encryption systems.
Since we are not allowed to know how many users are stuck on older systems - Trimble don’t publish such details - we can’t make informed decisions on our babies’ futures…
e.g. some users are stuck with 32-bit PCs and thereby older Sketchup versions etc…

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This thread is NOT about challenging the decision of Trimble to stop official support (or discourage) of signing extensions targeted for all versions of SU versions prior and after SU2016.

It is to understand whether the disparition, since 3 weeks, of the [RBS + RBE] sign of extensions is voluntary and why there has not been any notice to developers.

As TIG highlighted, there are many side effects of the packaging of extensions which embark RBS + RBE and would now have only RBE used, noting that developers still want to have the extensions signed.

I care myself about notifying my users…

So far, none from Trimble has answered in the current thread…

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Fredo, get in the back of the queue friend, it’s been a good 7* weeks that nobody seems to be able to fix their Extension Warehouse webpage New To Old Extension filtering option, you know how it is FIFO… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

*(7 weeks since reported, I noticed it not working for about a week prior and thought it bound to be noticed and fixed, alas…)

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Whatever extension I’m currently focused on I typically release updates on an almost daily basis. So when I pulled up the signing page a few days ago it was like a slap in the face out of left field. After receiving no word from SketchUp on possibly enabling a legacy signing app or page I finally had to scramble and migrate everything to the newer .rbe encryption format.

Ultimately, it made sense for me to migrate since I was no longer officially supporting anything older than SU 2017 due to API updates and issues however it would have been nice for at least a week or two advanced warning so I could begin to think about and plan for the migration.

Sudden moves like these by SketchUp does cause me some major concern. Since April 2018 I have been programming my plugins full time. This is my bread and butter now, the money I make from my plugins is my sole source of income. At a moments notice SketchUp could easily take that all away.


Well, I sort of did, but didn’t help a lot! I’ll chase the others.

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TIG, I personally feel maybe we need to connect with EW team as there are many new things happening on it and to be frank - even Leo wasn’t informed too, at least I think a good way to communicate is to inform developers, maybe a simple notice on center code will be also great :frowning:

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Tig has a name other than Tig? :open_mouth:


@medeek, @Fredo6 and others, sorry for the sudden change and the lack of communication. We had a security issue that had to be dealt with promptly. We no longer support the scrambler due to this issue. We realize this removes support for 2016 and earlier versions. Although it might be small consolation for some who still use 32 bit operating systems, usage of these versions is in decline and represents a small portion of our users.

As @eneroth3 correctly stated we only support the current version plus the previous two versions. We have made an exception for Make 2017 since SketchUp Free and Shop don’t support extensions, but must remind you that Make 2017 is not licensed for commercial use.

I am closing this thread. Please DM me if there are specific issues you need us to address.

Sorry again for the sudden change.