Error using "Upload New File" in 3D Warehouse

I’m getting the an error when trying to upload a new file using the web-based User Content Manager on the edit model page.

I originally uploaded the sketch by clicking Components > 3D Warehouse > Share Component from the desktop Sketchup application.

When I went in to view the model in the 3D warehouse, it shows the “Sprinkling Some Magic…” message in the model view page. When I edit the model, it says “Unable to determine the original file name.” at the top.

When I click “Upload New File” and attempt to upload my file, a “WOAH THERE COWBOY” error message pops up that says “Oops! An error has occured.”

I have attempted to export the file from:

  • the web app,
  • the current version of Sketchup Pro 2023 (23.1.341)
  • an older version of Sketchup Pro 2023

I have tried with filenames that include:

  • spaces
  • dashes
  • underscores
  • all lowercase letters

I have tried saving the file in my projects folder and from ~/Library/Application Support/Sketchup 2023/Sketchup/Components.

I have tried using the browsers:

  • Brave, Version 1.58.135 Chromium: 117.0.5938.140 (arm64)
  • Chrome, Version 120.0.6099.129 (arm64)
  • Firefox, Version 12.1.0 (64-bit)

I have tried:

  • Exploding all components and changing them to groups.
  • Removing all hidden geometry.
  • Checking to make sure the model uploads to the web app.
  • Waiting for a day.
  • Clearing my browser cache.
  • Exporting a simple cube component and uploading that instead.
  • Renaming the backup file in the same directory.

Environment details:

  • Computer: Macbook Pro (Model ID: 8,2; arm64)
  • Operating System: macOS Ventura 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a)
  • Sketchup: Pro 2023 (plus others, see above)
  • Browser: Brave 1.58.135, arm64 (plus others, see above)

Here is my model and file details:

I’ll let @Jake_from_SketchUp know that we are attempting to upload it here: 3D Warehouse

We can monitor it for errors and if it works we’ll try going down another path.

Ok, that worked. On to the next possible factor; uploading from the SketchUp application.