Error Reading Layout File

I can’t open a particular file (set of drawings) however, all the other sets of drawing will open. Can someone help me with this issue?

I think more information is needed in order to help you. I suggest posting your file (or files) with a more cogent description of what you are encountering.

You may need to include the skp file as well as the offending LO files for anyone to get to the bottom of your issue.

what version of SU/LO are you using and what version where the offending files created with?


SKP 2015
When I try to open the Layout File I get a error message. The message reads: See attachment.

All files where created in SKP 2014 and I’m using LO 2015. I uploaded the files but not sure if they are attached because I can see them.

try zipping an re-uploading, I’m not seeing them…


All files (model) where created in SKP2014. The LO files are 2015. The message is see attachment;

I tried resending… Do you see the file?

Just uploaded zip file of the LO 2015 document.

must be too big and failing without letting you know…



Can you please share your email!

sorry, I’m not keen on sharing my email publicly…

open a free dropbox account [many people believe they are safe] and post the link after uploading…

I use dropbox myself and have never had any concerns…


I have an account. How do I get it to you?

copy the link and post it here for more people to check, or private message me if it sensitive…


I wonder if removing the quote symbol from your folder names might help - it might not be a “legal” character in Windows folder or file names.


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I don’'t see any uploaded file here, but I’m curious about how using SU 2014 works with LO 2015. I’d think there has to be some kind of disconnect there.

Typically, if your file size exceeds the limit for uploading on this forum, you get a dialog error message letting you know that.

You should be able to upload using one of the cloud based file services. Try to upload with Dropbox, or Box or iDrive or Google Drive, for example.

very good point, I think one is deemed ok [though foolish], but two make it a directive in most languages…

'this needs to be explicit' or "this needs to be expanded" will both loose the quotes
 on reading in code...

so the path then becomes invalid as it can’t find the folder…

renaming the folders, deleting all quote characters should fix that potential issue…


I’m facing the same issue please help me out