Error reading layout file restore file


I am having problems with opening a file in Layout I have been working on a very long time.

Trying to open it I get the message: ERROR READING LAYOUT FILE [+PATH TO FILE]

I have tried several things myself based on other topics, but no result.

Can someone please help me with this matter?

Thanks in advance,



LayOut files are effectively a Zip file with a different file extension. You could rename the file to .zip, unzip it, go into the folder you now have, select all, and zip compress those files and folders. Rename the new zip file as .layout, and see if the file now works.

If it doesn’t, could you post the original .layout file somewhere for us to try fixing it?

Thanks Colin, I have allready tried this, but the problem seems that there are missing 2 files: references.xml and StyleManager.xml (compared it with a ‘normal’ layout-file).
WINRAR als notices: UNEXPECTED END OF ARCHIVE. The backup-file is the same.
Otherwise: how to upload the file? (~2gb)

WeTransfer can let you share files up to 2 GB for free. When you get to the page, click any I Agree or No Thanks buttons, then look for three blue dots. Click those and change the sharing type from Email to Link. Drag the file onto the browser window, and click the Get a Link button.

Some time later, click the Copy Link button, and put that into your reply.


Ok, thank you, but does this mean that everyone who is reading this, can open the link / file?

It would, yes. If you don’t want that, but you don’t mind me looking at the file, click my avatar and use the Message option to only send the link to me.

I see you submitted a support email, thanks. I took over that one, so you can reply to that email with the link instead.