Error-Material copying and paste after import

im newbie and I just started learning sketchup recently.
i got some errors when i coppy and paste material after imported as the GIF image below,somebody pls help!


Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got going on there. It looks like something has been scaled incorrectly but it’s impossible to tell for sure from your GIF.

Material copying error.skp (802.6 KB)
hi there,thanks for replying my post xD

So it looks like you’ve imported an image as an image instead of a texture and scale it to fit on the top of the box and then you didn’t explode it to create a texture.

At this stage you haven’t done anything to define the area the material should cover. Instead of importing the image as an image, use File>Import and import the images as a texture. Apply that to the face. That will define the size of the texture. Then you can sample it and apply it to the other faces.

By the way, you have excessive nesting here. There’s no need for a group in a group.

Screenshot - 10_18_2021 , 9_15_46 AM

Screenshot - 10_18_2021 , 9_17_04 AM

You’re the third person in about 4 days that I’ve responded to regarding this same sort of problem. Are you trying to follow some tutorial that teaches this method you used?

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You are amazing!!!
im so stupid,this mistake when i did not check to texture made me 1 day to find out how to fix this as a error i though,thank your so much! U really the Sketchup Sage :joy:

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Thank you. Glad it got you sorted out.

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