Error code 500 while sending a new extension to the warehouse

Hello there,

While I’m trying to upload a brand new extension there, I got an error 500 with that:

Can somebody please check? I’m unable to deploy my extension there due to this issue.


Hello guys! Could you please lemme help to solve that? I’m unable to send it out :frowning: .

BTW I’ve just inspected the result response from my HTTP request, and got it:

Is there any ETA to fix it, pls?

Did you read the other topic thread …

Extension RBE vs RBS encryption

Hello @DanRathbun,

Sorry, but I can’t get the point. I’ve already encrypted my extension. This issue is happening while I’m trying to send it out for evaluation. How does signing is related to my current issue?


My point was others were also having issues.
And you did not say at what point in the process your code was.

The other topic also explained how someone had not set up their extension folder structure correctly and was getting the same error message. Since you did not explain in any great detail what steps you took or how your extension code is organized, or that you had already encrypted it, … it was a “shot in the dark” like “look over here, others are also having issues” …

That’s all. Just an FYI.

Got it, thanks @DanRathbun!

Unfortunately, I’m still unable to send out my extension. And it is working fine, since I was able to install it and so on.

Do you know if there is any other more proactive way to reach out to the Trimble maintenance team? Any call number or any e-mail? It is unbelievable for me that a company that earns really a lot still have such issues in terms of cloud observability…


You can go through the contact portal and open a ticket perhaps ?