Error code 13. error chain: Wrong password


Sketchup can not initiate due reading error from license file. Error code 13. error chain: Wrong password.


Is this an error message you’re seeing? Perhaps a bit more context to your question would help us to get it answered.



Yes…when i click icon desktop in order to open aplication, it appears this error. I have tried several times, re-installing, re-downloading, include as administrator, but no success. Can you help me?


SU needs to read the license file - even for the Free version. This can happen if SketchUp itself doesn’t have the proper permissions to update the license file (even if the user account does have proper permissions). If you are using a network license, users will need read and write permissions to the shared network license folder.

Here’s some more things to try:

Run as administrator
A user with administrative privileges need to install the program - if this wasn’t already done.
R-click on desktop icon and choose Run as Administrator.
If this works, it could become very annoying to open the program this way all the time. Try next suggestion.

Something may be going awry between the operating system and SketchUp. Obtain all the Microsoft updates for the operating system, if need go here (US). Reinstall SketchUp, but change the compatibility mode to match your operating system.

  1. Right-click the SketchUp installer icon
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Choose the Compatibility tab
  4. Click the box for “Run in … compatibility mode”
  5. Choose your operating system from the drop-down list

If opening the program by selecting Run as Administrator works - but is annoying - AND updating the OS and changing the compatibility mode does not fix the problem, try configuring SketchUp to always run in administrator mode: