Error 1327 while Uninstalling Sketchup

Hello all!

I’m facing a big problem while trying to uninstall my SketchUp. Recently I lost the driver where SketchUp was installed, and to keep using my SketchUp I had to uninstall it and reinstall it in another working driver. But, when I try to uninstall, I get the error “**Erro no pacote SketchUpLanguage-pt-br: Error 1327. Invalid Drive: D:**” as it follows on the image.

I already tried everything I found online, but nothing seems to work. Also I removed everything I found in registry that SketchUp has created (I have a backup in case that is a problem), but nothing seems to work. I really need to get SketchUp working again and I can’t format my main drive right now, as I’m working in a big project that has other programs and dependencies and the only one that I’m not able to get working again is SketchUp.

Anyone knows how to fix this?