" Entity may be too deep into the group "



I trying to figure out i need to do to stop this error.

PS: i’m a sketchUP noob, please be patient.


What were you doing when you got that message?

Sharing the SKP file makes it much easier to for us to help you. We don’t have to spend a bunch of time guessing.


Sorry but i can’t share the SKP file right now, i was trying to add doors and windows with 1001bits tools.
After i click this button the error appears. When i delete the building the error stops.


So it must be a 1001bit Tools issue. I would suggest contacting the author and see what they have to offer.


That error message is probably from a plugin you are using (1001bits, most likely), not from the SketchUp application itself. There is no Align tool in SketchUp.