Enscape Rendering and HTC Vive VR




Just wanted to shine some light on this neat piece of software called Enscape we have been trialing together with the HTC Vive. It by far is a pretty awesome plugin if you are a both a Sketchup and Revit power user. Best part it is plug and play directly within the editor and has relatively simple controls to change the environment. It has no interactivity with 3D objects though :unamused: , BUT it does have a live update link with Sketchup meaning you can use scenes as an alternative. It also requires a very powerful machine to use the Vive in the first place.

Screenshot below is direct render from plugin enscape with a bunch of warehouse models. Were making a little VR play area to showcase uses in a construction context i.e. MEP, Details BIM stuff etc… This is a great solution for those that dont know how to use Unity 3D and just want a VR/rendering solution that works directly in either Revit or Sketchup. This also has a particular advantage over Autodesk Live in that it does not require processing to take it to the Live editor. Rendering output for both Live and Enscape are relatively similar.

If anyone has used alternate VR plugin solution for client/construction visualization, please share :slight_smile:


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