Enscape, grass and Sketchup

Hi everyone,

I have a question about sketchup and enscape.
Do you have any idea, why am I getting this view of the grass in Enscape?
It seems like the material overlays the adjacent material, in this case the grass goes over the corten kerb.

Does anyone know something about?

You’ll have to typically play around with the height and height variation to minimize this issue. Because the grass is running up against a flat edge that suddenly drops off, the grass it spawns on top of the grass material will generate slightly off the edge, which you can kind of see here:

Messing with the height and height variation can help a little but, but unfortunately since it’s a sharp edge drop, it’s not going to completely mitigate it.

I usually get around it by building up a thicker border edge around the grass, like so:

This way the “spillage” isn’t visible. Of course, this might not necessarily apply to the use you’re looking to achieve in your model.

Ultimately, it’s because the generated grass is just a 2D image generated at various angles on top of the grass material.


Actually, another thought came to mind, you can try this:

I’ve pushed the “edge” of the grass back by offsetting the edge slightly and adjusting as needed so there’s no spillage: