Enroth Trim, Can't Remove Crossover Section


Hello there, I want to delete part of a shape and have been recommended the Enroth tools, particularly Trim. However, when I try to use it, I cannot select all the parts I want to be affected.

It only lets me select the vertical shape in the middle, so it wont work.

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?



For those tools to work, the parts will both have to be Groups/Components and must report solid in Entity Info.

Can you describe better what the result wants to look like?


Thanks for your reply Ian.

The end result should be that the rectangle should be cut out so I end up with two parts. When this is made from MDF, I will make a template, plunge route and then put it through a sliding mitre saw to cut it up.


I’m thinking you could just draw two lines for the edges and then use Push/Pull to remove the middle…


That’s exactly what I want to do.

Did you add the rectangle to the croup/component first?

If all the parts should not be grouped, how do I ungroup easily? I can’t see the option when I multi click and then right click. Edit group doesn’t give me the option either.


All I did with that one were draw two parallel lines across the top surface to split the face, then Pushed it down.
Another one coming up…


If you do want to use Trim, make the rectangle larger than the oval piece. Make sure both components/groups report solid in Entity info. Select the Trim Tool, Then click the oval, then the rectangle. Then delete the rectangle…


Also helpful, thanks.

I think I have added everything to a group and component and group, so I think that is why I cannot achieve what you did based on your instructions.

How do I ungroup and mofiy the component/remove parts?


Can you upload the SKP file the way it is, its easier to show you that way.


Thank you. Of course.

Headphone Mount.skp (118.1 KB)


The one to the right of this one is nested too much and it looked to complicated to show you that way. This middle one is just a group and a component which is easier to switch back around to show you one way.

You see me edit the component and use the edges of the group to draw in lines using intersections as inference, I then push it down using the base as an inference. I then close the component and delete the group. Open the component back up and delete the base edges you can now see…


I find Sketchup is so unintuitive. Everything ends up being achieved the opposite way to that which I expect.

Instead of trimming using existing shape, within your example you use the crossover piece as a guide for drawing new lines. Ultimately, that does work, it’s just odd that is the way to do what is required.



That’s not the way it is required, that is one way to do it, of many options.
@IanT is showing you a simple way to do it that avoids the solid tools.


That were an example of another way to do it on one of your pieces with what was already there in the model. I also showed how to do it with Eneroth Tools too. Sorry for any confusion.