Need Help with Eneroth Trim

I have a bench and have made a copy of it. I want to take out a 3 inch section in each half of the bench and I an trying to use Eneroth Trim extension. I have run Solid Inspector 2 and CleanUp 3. It has been a long break for me in trying to use Eneroth Solid Tools, so I have surely forgotten some fundamenta.

What happens when you try to use Trim?

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

What are you doing up? Don’t use ever sleep Dave - Small Workshop Guy here. Looking for how I share the file - been a while

I woke up for a bio-break and thought I’d check the forum. :wink:

What are you doing up?

You can drag and drop the file into a forum reply.

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Hey we can do this tomorrow in my afternoon sometime when it would be convenient for you - I don’t want to keep you up1

Yeah. We can do that if you want. The key thing, though, is you need to get the trimmer into the same context as the components you are trimming. You’ve got things nested so you would either need to get the trimmer inside the parent components or just explode all but the lowest level components. For example there’s this parent component called Large Top Part Oak#1. It contains a whole bunch of components as you can see in the Outliner. In order to use your trimming component you would either explode that Large Top… component or you would need to copy the trimmer inside.

Also note that the actual top of the bench is modeled as one lump instead of two boards and it has an internal face which would need to be removed to make it a solid. Or better, turn it into two components so you have two boards as the real bench would have.

Drop me a PM and let me know what time would work for you.

Did you fall asleep? I am sure my file all jacked up - please do not lose sleep cleaning it up! How do you use Eneroth Trim - when I have a solid cutter intersecting my item, and I select Eneroth Trim what do I do next - single click or double click on my cutter and then my object or do I single click or double click on my object and then my cutter?

okay - I see I am further from being able to do it than either one of us would like. I will PM you over in Facebook, I guess.

I will fool around with what you said above

No. Not yet.

Your file isn’t that bad. Or at least I haven’t dug into that deep yet to find out. :smiley:

To use Eneroth Trim you select the component to be trimmed and then select the trimmer component. As above, both the trimmer and the trimmee must be in the same context so you don’t want nesting.

You can PM me here if you want, too. Just click on my name and then “Message”.