Enlarge the sphere in 360 spherical panorama render

Funny, but just yesterday I was struggling with a glass elevator not rendering right right. It came from 3DWH, so I clicked on monochrome mode, and sure enough it was full of reversed faces. After fixing them and making fully proper solids, it rendered as expected.

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I’ve had a look at the model

The glass is made from a single face - so you need to enable the “thin wall” option in the glass material - this will ensure v-ray knows what to do with it from either direction.

If you glass has thickness , then you can untick that

I didn’t make this SketchUp model myself (I always check the faces), but indeed the glass was reversed.

I reversed the glass material and make a new 360 render.

I always use single glass, because sometimes it give weird reflections, but the box “Thin wall” I never saw before. Thank you! My computer is now rendering and it looks like the sphere is gone!

Glad that has worked.

If it was looking strange before , then it is probably related.
If you don’t use the “thin wall” option, then you need to make sure that your glass object is a solid object and the faces are facing outwards :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help! Sometimes it is so simple to solve - and a lot I can solve - but you just have to know how to solve :slight_smile:

Now, we noticed another “problem”… There should be big stones in the “inside garden” (I don’t know the right word in English, sorry). In the SketchUp-model I can see them, so they are not hidden or so, but in the render the big stones are not visible :roll_eyes:

It’s a rock that has come from Skatter - the file isn’t linked to V-Ray, so you need to point it back at the original file

Ahhh ok… and how can I do that?

Go to the geometries area in v-ray and you’ll find the file path - point it back to the model from Skatter.

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I replaced the rocks with rocks from the 3D Warehouse, so this problem is solved too :smiley:

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@Elmtec-Adam @eric-s @Anssi @pyroluna @ateliernab @francisquitof I like to thank your for your great help, also in the name of my daughter in law! All problems are solved!


Thanks for reporting back. Good luck and don’t forget to check, clean, purge, and organize those models from 3D Warehouse :wink:

For me it is normal to report back, so we can learn all and to thank.

This SketchUp model is not clean, organized etc. (this one is of my daughter in law). She uses SketchUp only for a year or 2 after I teached her :slight_smile:

For myself: I work with SketchUp since 2006 :wink: and I know how to check, clean, purge, and organize for my own models and the models from 3D WH. :wink: :smiley:

The models from 3D WH can surprise you indeed. Once (a very long time ago) I imported a glass bakery display. There were a lot of colored glasses in it, but you couldn’t see it properly. The joke was that the person who uploaded the model to 3D WH changed the glass color only on one side of the face. When I started to render the SketchUp model some errors occurred.

Eric’s C-2PO SU protocol droid method. I like it.