Enhanced Shape Bender Request

I’m in need of an updated shape bender extension with a tweak focused for roadways.

Instead of creating a straight line on the red axis, I would like select a group of flat roadway surfaces (straight or curved) to be selected first then apply the vertical profile line. Is anyone able to create this for me or can someone reach out to Chris Fullmer?

@ChrisFullmer ping

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I don’t understand well what are you trying to do but there are a lot of ways to create roads with native tools and extensions.

I’m almost certain there isn’t a sketchup extension for this 2 step efficient approach like shape bender.

Group/Component (Flat Curved Roadway, sometimes curving in a loop)
Applied to Base Curve (Vertical Profile Curve)

What extensions did you have in mind.
Instant roads, profile builder 3, curvishear, solid tools (intersecting two shapes), etc are not as efficient to me being compared to shape bender since I use flat surface roadways to begin with.

Do you have an example of what you want to do? Maybe flowify could work, its like a shape bender on steroids.

What exactly is different about this road you want that you can’t create with existing plugins?

I´m asking my self the same, actually I´ve never thought on using something like shape bender for making roads.

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With Shape Bender… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a basic example with shape bender.
I start off with the roadway surface (which can also contain shoulders, ramp exits, intersection cuts, varying widths of entrances/exits of plazas. Your starting off with a fixed width roadway with no other roadway features.

The image attached shows when a roadway surface is curved, the line you have to draw on the red axis from beginning to end is not accurate since the object is curved. When dealing with roads over 8-10,000 feet with bridge cutouts involved, the line on the red axis will throw it off and you will lose accuracy.

So I added a third step to the shape bender workflow which lets you select a roadway curve to fix this issue, just don’t know script wise if it’s possible.

Another example of my approach, divide vertical profile elevation line and roadway in segments. @mihai.s

Now that you have specified what you actually want, even in Autocad Civil 3D, you create all of this by pieces.
But maybe the modified Shape Bender will be able to do what you want with a single click.

Yes, I average solely 20-30 3d visualization transportation projects a year. With this tweak it can save me a lot of time. Trying to use all my resources to achieve more free time for my expanding family. I appreciate your input to understand my request.

You’re welcome!

Until a 30 KB SketchUp plugin can do with one click what a more than 5 GB software does by pieces, for the example with the road you gave, you can use some existing plugins for a simplistic modeling

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Yeah this is my secondary usual approach, but the profile vertical lines you have curved in the bottom is usually sent to me flat along the red axis plane. Do you know how to take that vertical profile line if its flat on the red axis and warp it on to the edge curve of the roadway which would result to the bottom line you have in the video? A drape wont work for really curved roads, so it would need to be warped on the curve.

With Shape Bender :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah this is pretty much my workflow, it just get’s tiring doing hundreds of roads that’s why I’m looking for one, two click solutions :smile: but I wish shape bender had that tweak to save me a lot of time. Do you know any Sketchup ruby developers who can create what I’ve been looking for? I’m going to start searching around, was just hoping the original creator can assist.

There is this section in the forum, where you can write (or maybe even move this discussion)

Chris Fullmer, who created the plugin, is now a member of the SketchUp team, and since he has already been pinged, it is possible that he will give an answer when he has time.

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