Emergency modeling needed please!

I’m in a bind- can someone please help me? I need this modeled within the next 3 hours. I’m not good at making sinks. I’ll send $50.00 to your paypal - I appreciate it so much for your help in advance!,

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Not sure how perfect this is… but it was a good morning warm up…


Sink.skp (432.0 KB)


It looks like the OP is running SU 2018. You might want to save it that way. Just a thought! (See you at noon!)

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Good call… here is a 2018 version… time to go put up the green screen!

Sink-2018.skp (437.4 KB)


sweeeet - amazing. PM me your Paypal address. Really appreciated. I’ll pay more if it’s possible to add the popout thing underneath. I have trouble with rounded curved edges. Awesome you helped out. Thanks Aaron

This is the bottom part that wasn’t pictured, sorry. This style - IF possible. PM me your paypal address. Million thanks

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Sorry… could not get back to this yesterday. Don’t worry about paying. Just happy to help!


Way too kind - you guys all saved me, really

Anytime you need anything rendered - let me know- on the house :slight_smile:

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