Embedded model on website....works fine on desktop but not on phone even though browser supports webgl

My test website http://saiftest.rf.gd

It half works for me on phone - Chrome on Galaxy Note 9.

I see the model in a static view, with a link saying “Click for 3D Model Viewer”. That opens the model in what looks like a Sketchup for Web page, saying 3D Warehouse bottom left.

On the right are five tool buttons concealed behind a tab [<]: when I open it, I see the Scene tool, the Orbit tool, the Hand (pan) tool, the Zoom tool, and the Zoom extents tool.

I can view the model from different directions using the standard views in the Scene tool, but the Orbit tool doesn’t work. Can’t orbit the model.

I can change to Full Screen mode, but it makes no difference except to put parts of the model off-screen. None of the tools except the Scene tool work.

Clicking around, I get to a screen offering a download of the SU Viewer (which I already have installed).

So, something isn’t working as one would hope, on the phone, even a top end one. Wikipedia says that current versions of Chrome on Android have webgl enabled by default - webgl v1.0.

Don’t know myself what version of webgl is required by SU on the web.

A couple of issues here, and I’m filing improvements on parts of this. But: to work on mobile, web pages are designed to be “responsive”, with different layouts for differing screen sizes (computer, iPad/tablet or phone). So unless your html page has that in it, it’s not going to fit well.

However, the experience right now on going from embed to phone isn’t optimal. Working on that.