Can't orbit preview in 3D Warehouse

When viewing a model preview in the Warehouse I used to be able to orbit the model to see it better. Now the orbit tool doesn’t seem to work. A popup says something about a “3D WebGL viewer”–is this something I need to install?

You don’t need to install WebGL, it should be ‘embedded’ inside your web browser.
Which web browser are you using? Try updating it or use another one (Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.) and see if it works.

Check this link to test whether your browser supports WebGL: (and informations about it at the bottom)


Are you still NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 on Win7? And is this in SketchUp (if so, what version) or in a browser (what version browser)?

So I just discovered that if I open the Warehouse directly from my Chrome browser the orbit works fine. It’s when I open it from within SU that I have the problem. I’m using version 2016. Just a minor inconvenience I guess.

2016 will be limited by the browser on your system, IE for Windows, Safari for Mac. Because of this, we switched to Chromium in 2017 for both platforms to gain a little more control over the situation.

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