Embedded Images in Layout Disappear



We are a solar installation company that uses Sketchup Pro and Layout to create installation and permit drawings. Over the last few months, we have had more and more Layout files that have dropped embedded images. These are not imported SketchUp Models - they are things like logos and jpgs that we have had in our drawing templates for years without problems.

Often the drawing will be fine, then the next time we open it some or all of our embedded images have a grey box with a red X through it. All four designers use Sketchup 2018 running on PCs. We store our Sketchup files and Layout drawing in Dropbox folders. If you go into Document Setup \ References, the File Names are gone from the missing images. We have used the same work process for many years and have not changed anything, apart from upgrading to Sketchup 2018.

We have used Sketchup since 2007 with no major issues and love the software, however, we will be forced to use something else if this problem can’t be solved.


Hi Shawn we are looking into this. I know that we have had other users with issues using Dropbox but I am not sure if this is related.

I will see if I can reproduce the issue on our end.



Could this be an issue where Layout is not referencing the correct Temp file folder? We just had a case where there where two temporary folders that where created.

. The Layout file had missing images, which where all located in one of the files. Once these files where transferred to the other Temp file, the images reappeared in the Layout file.


Hmm… I think you might be on to something with this… You mention cut and paste from one drawing to another. We have had reports from users who use this method vs. file\import… where links can get lost. I have not been able to reproduce this but it seems like the cut an pasted image is linking back to the original file temp location. Then once original file is closed the temp location is no longer present causing the red x. This may be compounded with the use of Dropbox folders… but again… I have not been able to reproduce the lost links yet.