Efficient way to replicate a tutorial example

As part of my learning, I’m trying to replicate something from the tutorials that’s giving me a bit of a headache.
I’ve been trying to replicate this box (cf. img attachment)

  1. I have no problem creating the cut-out in one face
  2. However I’m struggling to find an efficient way to do it on all the faces of the cube.

My initial idea was to create a component for the cut-out and then “paste” it to all the faces of the cube, but I don’t know how to align the cut-out to the center of each face.

I’m wondering what are the best ways to approach this (admittedly simple) problem.

Thanks for the help

You could use Flip or Rotate

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or Move and Rotate tools

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If you ever get the newest Pro one day, you can also do it with Snaps (angled at 45 deg). Which is possibly not as efficient as it is fun.


Thank you very much for your answers. They greatly help.
So in this case the ideal solution would be to recreate the cube from duplicating the panes.

One additional question: say that you already have a geometry on which you’d like to create those cut-outs. In this case would you use a component that you would “paste” on that geometry ?

Thanks a ton Nick :pray:
I didn’t know about snaps. I’m going to give it a try

What does this geometry look like? How was it created? What are you going to do with the created object?

I didn’t have a concrete example in mind, it was mere curiosity about how to replicate cut components to surfaces.
But I think that there are already topics on this matter I should read first.
Thanks again for the help

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