Efficient cutting of components

Hello, I’ve imported a component of a 4ft x 8ft section of lattice. It’s still a group. What is easiest way to cut it to desired size ex: 28in x 60in. I’ve tried couple of ways but they clumsy and take too long. Any ideas? thank you.
Lattice-new.skp (559.4 KB)

It’s unfortunate that the lattice is poorly made. The fastest way to trim it would be with the Solid Tools and a shape that leaves the bit you want to keep but the lattice needs to be a solid first. I used TIG’s Solid Solver extension to make your lattice solid after exploding the top two nesting components.

In SketchUp for Web, though, you would need to manually remove the coplanar edges and internal faces to make it solid. It might actually be faster to draw the lattice from scratch instead.

thank you. I tried exploding the lattice and off to the side drawing a giant box with a hole like you did. The hole will be the size/shape I want to keep. Then move it in place and run intersecting faces with model. It’s clumsy but it can work. Our public school shifted to “any software you want, as long as it’s free AND web based, not actually installed any PC or server.” I choose sketchup for schools. I appreciate your help. m.

Intersect Faces and then erase what you don’t need to keep is an OK way to do it. After the intersect routine, selection boxes around the stuff you want to erase and use of the Delete key can make it reasonably fast.

thanks. I’m on it. m.