Editing Topographic STL file to include additional features eg, streams, lakes, trails

I’ve successfully imported topographic STL files into Sketchup in support of CNC milling profiles into wood. I would like to include features like: property boundaries, streams, hiking trails and relief on lake features that would allow me to pour in blue-tinted epoxy.

The terrain mesh is extremely complex (large data set). I’ve tried things like Fred06 JointPushPull but haven’t found a good (easy/intuitive) way to select/identify mesh points to modify with JointPushPull.

I have to believe I’m not the first person to attempt this. Any pointers you can send my way will be highly appreciated!!!

The first thing I would do ith what I see in your screenshot is simplify it with CleanUp3 to merge coplanar faces and reduce the number of edges. I would also soften/smooth edges so the graphics card doesn’t have to display them. Then for adding detail maybe consider starting with the Sandbox tools as well as extensions like Artisan to do further editing of the geometry.

Thank you!!! I softened all the edges and this greatly reduced the number of mesh lines. I will try CleanUp3 to work on coplaner edges (probably most visible on the sides).

In support of using Sandbox, I attempted to import a map on top of the mesh surface, but all this accomplishes is putting the map on the bottom (probably because it’s not a closed surface?)

I’ll keep at it. Thanks again.

Softening is only a visual trick. It doesn’t erase any edges, just hides (actually “softens”) them.