Editing styles in SketchUp Free

Hi all,

I’m creating relatively simple models for a “sketchbook”, which needs to look like actual drawings. In the former desktop version of SketchUp free, I were able to select any given style, and then edit it to make the details become more visible etc.

Does anyone know, how to edit styles in the new browser version? Is it even possible?

Thank you

Currently you can’t edit styles in the Web version, but you can edit them in either Make or Pro on your desktop. Then upload the model to the web version and that edited style will be available for use.

Thank you for the reply - too bad I don’t have the economy to but Pro…

I’ll try to find another solution then.

What is stopping you using Make?

It downloads a 32-bit installer, I run a 64-bit operating system. And it’s “only” the 2016 version.
Is it possible to get a more recent version, and with a 64-bit installer?

Where are you downloading it from?

Did you try SketchUp.com/download/all Select Make 2017

Thank you! Don’t know why I ended up on another page when searching for SketchUp downloads - weird.

Hmm, it seems like I can’t edit styles in the “Make” version as well. When I toggle on the styles window, I only see a few pre-made styles to choose from and no tools to edit them…
The following image is the only thing I get:

Am I just completely missing something, or does the “Make” version not allow for editing styles?

Yes. You are missing something. Open the Styles window and click on Edit.
Screenshot - 1_25_2018 , 7_44_24 AM

Got it!
I couldn’t just open the styles tool. I had to “Show Tray”, to be able to see the advanced style settings.

Thank you for your help

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