Edit Field of View or Enable Two Point Perspective in Layout

How to Edit Field of View or Enable Two Point Perspective in Layout?

You need to do that in SketchUp and save it in a scene. That scene will show you the ‘2 Point Perspective’ in Layout.


but what about i don’t want to save scenes in SketchUp and want to set all my shots inside layout, why is these two options are limited only to SketchUp: the editing field of view or enabling the two point perspective?

Why do you want to make your work harder?

Setting up scenes in SU and then moving to layout is the way the programs are designed to work.
It is easy to have both SU and LO open and move between programs as needed, With scenes iun SU everything is ready to go when you work in LO.

You can, as you’ve found out, use SU edit from LO but it is fraught with errors and limited.

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I don’t want to make my work harder, having this option in SketchUp Layout will make my work way easier as I work on complex models, heavy textures and shadows on.

Going back and forth between SketchUp and Layout makes the workflow harder if there are some limitations in either programs.