Edges should not be smooth when using Push/Pull

As you can see from this animated GIF, when I Push/Pull the border, I get a smooth edge. I want a distinct edge. How do I make that happen?
Smooth Edges
2 window rows.skp (210.2 KB)


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You have the softening angle between normals set high enough to soften that edge. Select all of the geometry and set the Soften slide back to something closer to 20°.


It’s also the main difference between the Circle tool and the Polygon tool, a circle is really just a polygon with smoothed edges.
See here how I set both to 8 sides and one shows hard the other soft.
GIF 23-11-2023 12-25-59 PM

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Thank you very much Dave. I now have my edges set at 38 degrees with the Smooth Normals box checked.
tube set at 38 degrees