Edges in LayOut different to SketchUp

If you need the DWG (assuming for manufacturer?) why not export from SKP direct?

You can scale the DWG in SKP or in a CAD program.

And it is really hard to diagnose without seeing files, or at least part of the files.

I really think this all revolves around the small geometry issues in SKP. I don’t think it’s the right tool for the job unless you scale it up.

Maybe @DaveR or @colin can comment or point you in a better direction.

Thanks for the advice - and you are correct in that the small geometry is the core reason.
(This issue, and a different design work direction drove me away from SU a while ago, but getting more construction related stuff has forced me back.) The small file, etc, things really are a pain.
I did export the dwg from SU - something I have avoided as I had issues doing that in the past. This time it was successful, I think primarily down to the use of the new Bevel Tool. I find it extremely useful.
I was loathe to provide anything that might cause confusion, like scaling, as this is for a third party, as invariably manufacturers have some quirks that my client can’t deal with, and even though it should be really straight forward, it gets confused sometimes.