Edge to Edge Magnet

Hi Guys,

Maybe some of you can help me, I have a several of rectangular shapes is made, all I want is to make space planning somehow a little bit faster. Each of this shape has a component option of its length and width that you can edit.

One thing I want is how can I make for example I change the length or width of the bathroom shape, then I want is that the neighboring shapes also will move so that they will not overlay each rectangle…

thanks in advance those who want to help…

Please see also the scenario on the right where the green shape changes its measurements and the neighboring spaces on the (north, east, west and south) maintain its connectivity on the green shapes.

For Sketchup Forum.skp (134.3 KB)

You could play around with setting the X or Y of one room equal to the LenX or LenY of the neighboring room(s).

For such a simple shape I wouldn’t turn to dynamic components at all. The ‘Move’ tool on a selection of collinear edges of basic geometry would do the trick.

Parametric modelling would requre a parametric application, which SketchUp is not.


thank you

thanks, I’ll give it a try