Create a Dynamic Surface/ spaces automatically?

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Just a wild imagination, i come to a point maybe some of us here have an idea of what i am thinking about the object/or a surface that represents a space/room. What i want to work is some kind of a dynamic components I’m not sure or by using a ruby code? or attributes or a combination…by just typing an area i will change then by introducing a relationship between areas it will updates the arrangement of the spaces/objects to create a series of arrangments to be used for making a floor plan concept?..

I think the concept is pretty cool I actually created something very similar recently. I don’t program with the ruby console.
I will say that it feels to me like there’s still alot of work left yet to be done in the planning of SPACES, forget the carpentry, focus on what the space is like, type of idea.

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Some things to consider when using Dynamic Components

  1. Create a simple area DC, use a back face color say 0020_Red
    add an atrribute “Area”

this will return the back area in sq meters instead of sq inches.

example 1: basic area (using a renamed color)
area.skp (20.8 KB)

If you scale the area, you must do a scale definition and then a redraw
If you then edit inside, alter the shape in any way you must do a redraw for this formula to update.
To partly overcome this, place a “descaler” inside the DC, this can also be used as a swatch
example 2: swatch attached
this updates with scaling, but note still to redraw if contents altered.
area2.skp (21.2 KB)

  1. A naming system?
    this may depend on the report.
    if using OCL, the name attribute maybe the best
    whereas one can consider the attribute name if generate report is used

example 3: using instance name, color
area3-OCL.skp (27.6 KB)

Whatever, there is a disconnect that needs to be bridged by ruby as the redraw is needed in point 1, a link from an attribute to instance name or similar is required.

  1. you can use a formula in the dropdown value, to reference a point or object
    area4.skp (45.1 KB)
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Your perspective has been thought-provoking and has added depth to the conversation. I will take time to study this sample of yours first as this seems advanced to my level. thank u again