Easy way to make this transformation?


Hi everybody.

Using intersecting faces, i was able to convert the yellow piece into the red one.
The piece which I’m interested in doing is the red one, so … I don’t care what it’s the initial shape, if there is a faster way, I’ll be happy.

is there an easier way to do it? (maybe with scale or using an smarter or shorter way)

I attach the file:

transformation.skp (100.1 KB)

Thanks in advance.


I was making some tests.

I think it’s “faster” using move tool with ctrl / cmd modifier and then rotating the shape, but if you have to scale, then the angle will change, so maybe intersecting faces are more efficient under certain circunstances


use ‘move’ on an end face, rather then ‘scale’ on the object…



Probably the easiest is FredoScale.


Cool @box, thank you so much.
That extension is pretty cool, it also do some things I had in my mind.


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