Need help with changing shape along path


I’m trying to figure out what could be the best way to transform from a circular to square shape. The plan is to make it as on the reference image… sure I could do the prisma kind of form with square both on top and bottom part but it seems like it is round on the bottom and then square on top so I wonder what is the best way to make it atleast similar as in the reference image. Thanks in advance :smiley:


You could try extruding a circle, then using the cardinal points to snap to a square… Something like this:


  1. Draw the circle and square.
  2. Select the square, select Move tool, press the Alt key (Option on the Mac) and move the square up.


Problem solved! I used Aaron’s suggestions, but I’m sure Anssi’s works too. Thanks to both :pray:


this leaves a much cleaner transition


The two methods will actually create two different shapes…

Depending on the shape you need, either method will work… The reference image is tiny, but it looks like @Anssi 's solution may be close to what you are trying to get…


It depends on what is wanted. My Autofold-using method produces the triangular surfaces that can be seen in Huskanovyc’s capitals “automatically” but Aaron’s shape is generally more “fluid”.

You have the best control of the result if you learn to do this by “hand-stitching”. For a simple shape like this, even that wouldn’t take many minutes.


actually creating the fold lines is the cleanest waytransition

without creating the fold lines the operation can fold in the wrong places.

Wow what a crappy gif. sorry I think i posted the wrong one. This is useless.


How do you extend the top square only? I cannot do this whether with move tool or scale tool. Thanks


Select the edges of the square and leave all other faces or edges unselected, then move the selected edges up the desired vertical distance. When you have the appropriate distance modeled, then use the line tool to re-establish the square face at the top of the model by retracing one of them.


You could try the “Loft” extension.


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