Early renewal - reset the clock or add time on?

I have a PRO perpetual license and I renewed support at the end of 2019 which takes me through to the end of 2020. Now the new ‘Subscription only’ service was announced at $299/year but there’s a coupon code to save some money if I do it now…question is if i renew now does it make the anniversary date as of today, essentially throwing away the later half of 2020 I already paid for?


Yes, the subscription starts right away, effectively, you would have less of a bargain.

Ok so how long is that coupon code good for lol? Will it still work on November 3rd? :slight_smile:

I dunno and I guess someone who does know won’t tell.

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It says this on the email. *Offer valid until November 4, 2020. Discount only applies to the first year of a subscription.


I missed that, thanks! I’ll wait a bit then.

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