Dynamic Components (Unique)


To Create comprehensive BOM I have nice collection of components

Some of them have identical custom attributes

I have “Test 1” component in the model and in my component collection.

To create similar component with identical list of custom attributes

I try to copy existing component “Test 1”, make unique , change definition name to “Test 2”


In Model I have 2 components Test 1 and Test 2

But as soon as I try to drag Test 2 to my collection I got the message “Overwrite existing file ?”

Yes or NO

So I’m not able to save my Test 2 component into my collection

The only way is to create new component and create new list of custom attributes from the beginning

Is this correct or I’m doing something wrong?

I’m not sure but I’m intrigued to know why you would want two identical components that only differ in name in the same collection. Isn’t that also known as a true copy?

This is not the same component
example Test 1 is Light switch 2 gang with custom attributes
to be able to create Test 2 (Light Switch 4 gang)
I would like to copy Test 1 and change to 4 gang but keep all the attributes

The two components share the same path,

Rather than drag drop, use right click, saveas and give it a new path name

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Thanks pcmoor
you are a lifesaver