Components Multiplied

In a model I’m working in one of my components turned in to separate components and I’m not sure how it happened. The original Component was named ‘Column’ and now there is ‘Column#1’, Column#2, #3 etc. And there are 60 or so Column Components which means I can’t universally update them. Does anyone know how or why this happens so I can avoid doing it again in the future? Thanks for any help.

It could’ve been done by a plugin, sketchup doesn’t make unique components unless you ask it to do it.

How do you ask it? Maybe I did that unintentionally. Thanks for your help

SketchUp’s native Make Unique function is how an instance of a component definition can become a new component definition (with #1, etc. appended to the name of the original component definition).

Is the component definition in question a dynamic component? From what I recall, any time the properties of a dynamic component are changed it becomes automatically and unavoidably unique. This might not be quite the correct description of the behavior, other users can provide a correction as appropriate.

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