Dynamic components: change the position of an object in the X,Y plane

Mobiletto in vetro ante scorrevoli.skp (40.0 KB)
I am having trouble making a cabinet’s door (dynamic component) moving on the X and Y axis.
I mean that my door has to move on the X axis by 40mm and then on the Y axis by 400mm.
I don’t understand how can I change the position of the door from an X,Y point to another X’,Y’.
Thanks to all in advance

You can chain onclick commands using semicolons or reference each to a changing attribute
The latter is best as can use conditional statements and tap in and out like a timeline

Mobiletto in vetro ante scorrevoli.skp (69.6 KB)

THanks PC,
the first option works, but not exactly in the way I would like to present it: two independent movements, one on the X and the following on the Y.
I tried to reference each but I don’t understand how to manage X position and Y position separately …
thank you again

so time the period approximately half and half, 45 for the Y. and 40 for the X (40/10)
so counter to be from 0 to 85
start with the X, so movement is restricted to 4. that is the smallest of bits/10 or 4
now the y follows the X, so bits must be greater than 40 before it moves otherwise its 0, at rest


Mobiletto in vetro ante scorrevoli.skp (77.0 KB)

Fantastico!! It works exactly as I was expecting!
Many many thanks

… (even though it’s too far from my knowledge … I guess you are a programmer!)