Dynamic Component use IF function or None IF function

Hi all
Can anybody tell me, use or not to use IF function is the good way to write the attribute for Dym component and why?

My purpose is to create the fastest generated Dym component.
I want to find the good way to write attribute.


depends. i use =() where the compare results in true/false, IF() for certain cases where i need to do something based on something else, and CHOOSE() when i have a set of steps (like the copy count) or some setting affecting the stepping of subcomponents (like len based on a setting which affects 4 out of 8 sub components).
generally a good practice to avoid too much nesting and spread out across several attributes which simplify the calculations or redundant parent / child calls to make it a “local” variable.

Thankyou for your answer, glennmastaton

I use the same, IF and CHOOSE, I use CHOOSE when it has order or value and create a result waiting for the CHOOSE INDEX, IF can use for all situation by splitting the result in 2, and I can split it more and more.

A programmer used to tell me long time ago to avoid using IF statement is the good way to coding.
IF function is easy to me, I try to use CHOOSE but it need calculation process, it s harder and spend more time to write attribute.

I found IF function spend less time to generate component.
It may be better to use IF in some case such as small DM component or not too complicated one.