How to use OR in dynamic Components?

I’m trying to creat e function with IF condition. But isn’t working…

I’ve a list, thats the users can select.

List Options:
ListResult = one of below options.

a = 1
b = 2
c = 3

My conditional:

IF(ListResult =1||2,“Ok”,“Not Okay”)

When i chose (a) that’s equal 1, it’s working, but when i change to (b) that’s equal 2, ins’t working…

I’m wrong to use || symbol?

you could use CHOOSE() where index is 1-n and the item is returned for that index value.

=CHOOSE(myIndexVar, “OK”, “Not OKay”, “Mediocre”, “Best”)

where myIndexVar is a selectable list
“OK” 1
“Not Okay” 2
“Mediocre” 3
“Best” 4

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or, using OR, then =IF(OR(ListResult=1,ListResult=2),“OK”,IF(ListResult=“3”, “Mediocre”, “Best”))

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It’s woooorked. Thks