Multiple "Else" Values in IF Statement

Can somebody show me how to create an IF Statement with multiple else values in one attribute? I figured out how to make it work well when I have only two else values. =if(test,then value,else value)
I have 5 else values.

As far as I know, the dynamic components “language” implements if not as syntax but as function:

if(test1, then1, if(test2, then2, if(test3, then3, else4)))

That worked perfect! Thanks so much.

When multiple if ‘s are involved, I tend to switch to CHOOSE() function

Hey Mike,
Im trying to get better with these formulas. It took like 2 weeks to figure out how to use the IF function well. Would you happen to have any model examples of how you use the CHOOSE Function?

Here is one:

If (you upload yours, If( I have time, I might check it, Others might))


Thank you for getting a lot on another item using these functions.