Dynamic Component unifying itself on parameter change

I made a building design, and needed to put like 500 windows.

Therefore I have made a DC so I can simply tell the the windows is open or close with a combobox, but when I change the “state” of the window it creates a new instance with the #n.

In a very short time I will have 500 components in my model, turning impossible to get a list of quantities.

For me it loses all the purpose to have a DC if it not remains unique despite the internal state, like you see in AutoCAD dynamic blocks.

Am I doing something wrong?

I think this is how DCs are meant to work. I gave up using this feature before I had even started.

No. it is unfortunately the way DCs have been designed to work. Any operation that causes the internal structure to change ( like unequal scaling or rotation of parts) creates a new component definition to the component browser. AutoCad dynamic blocks are different (and somewhat problematic in their own way too): Each block instance is an anonymous block (name consists of a * plus a number) that refers to the original block definition.

consider opening or closing the window via the animation tool, this will not make the component unique, whereas applying an attribute change will, you can still check the state via the report writer

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