Dynamic Component Size to Text Field for LayOut

Looking for a solution to speed up my timber frame shop drawings - currently I put all the timber sizes into my drawings by hand. I would love to be able to pull a leader in LayOut and combine the width / height of a component into 1 attribute.

Currently I can do it in LO with Copy / Paste and type in the ‘size2’ attribute, - but this does not allow me to use the eye dropper on the leader and move from timber to timber generating new ones.

I believe I need to be able to combine 2 attributes in the Dynamic Components into 1 line in order to pull this into LayOut with any fuss. Here I’ve made Size1 and Size2 Custom Text Attributes:

Working LO I can only choose one of the options:

I can hand edit the leader text to include the second:

This reports correctly but I cannot copy / paste or eye dropped sample this text on another timber.

Is there a way to combine the 2 attributes in SketchUp so I can report 1 attribute in LayOut?
Ideally I would have a text field that reported: Size1 X Size2 - where the sizes are derived from LenX, LenY or LenZ depending on what I’m building.

Create a third attribute and use the Concatenate Formula.

=Concatenate('Length “,Size1,” Width ",Size2)

Concatenate.skp (16.7 KB)

I knew it has to be something I was missing! Thanks.

Next frame I build I will create a master timber with this built in…!

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